Brooklyn Brewery adds alcohol-free beer to its UK portfolio

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Carlsberg UK-distributed Brooklyn Brewery is in full swing. After the introduction of its Defender IPA to the UK market earlier this year, the New York-based brewery is now set to launch an alcohol-free beer.

By adding the Brooklyn Special Effects to its UK range, Brooklyn Brewery aims to tap into the fast-growing trend for no- and low-alcohol beers in the UK.

‘There has been a clear cultural shift in the UK towards moderation, with drinkers seeing low- and no-alcohol options as more “socially acceptable”,’ commented Jonathan Dee, director of marketing for craft and ale at Carlsberg UK.

While most no- and low-abv beers are de-alcoholised after fermentation has taken place, the new Brooklyn Special Effects reaches its 0.4% abv by using a fermentation method that limits the amount of alcohol generated in the first place.

Brooklyn says that the new beer has a marked hoppy character from the use of Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo, ‘with a piney aroma and bitter finish’. It pours golden and on the palate presents a pleasant ‘bready sweetness’ and herbaceousness coming from the dry-hopping, a technique rarely used to produce no- and low-abv beers.

Brooklyn Special Effects will officially launch in May and will be available, like all Brooklyn beers, in 35.5cl bottles.

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