Carlsberg revamps core offering with hop-focused Danish Pilsner

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Brewing giant Carlsberg has unveiled a new version of its Danish Pilsner. In a move aimed to increase the quality perception of its brand, the beer’s recipe has been revised with a special focus on hops

According to the brewer, the new Danish Pilsner shows citrus and floral hop aromas and a marked hoppy finish.

‘Our new pilsner has a fuller body and a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness made possible through modifications to our brewing process and the addition of bittering hops in the brewhouse,’ explained Bhavya Mandanna, master brewer at Carlsberg UK.

‘Aroma hops with citrus and floral top notes give a greater depth of flavour whilst maintaining the light and refreshing qualities of Carlsberg. The result is a smooth, perfectly balanced Danish Pilsner.’

The launch of the Danish Pilsner will be complemented by the release of an ad hoc stemmed glass, designed to ‘enhance aroma and improve nucleation for better head retention’. The brand is also introducing new caps for its bottles, in a redesign that removes oxygen and thus helps to preserve the beer’s freshness. 

‘In recent years we have reinvigorated our premium Carlsberg Expørt,’ said Liam Newton, vice president of marketing at Carlsberg UK. ‘We’re now committed to enhancing every aspect of the Carlsberg Danish Pilsner drinking experience, ultimately encouraging the trade and beer drinkers to reappraise our brand.’

The new Carlsberg Danish Pilsner will be available to the UK on-trade in keg, bottle and can from 1 March.

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