New project partners European and UK breweries to celebrate EU

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Led by bar and bottle shop Thirsty Cambridge and Bristol-based Moor Beer brewery, the pan-European Citizens of Everywhere project is launching in venues across the UK and Europe this weekend.

The Citizens of Everywhere venture paired 12 leading craft breweries from across the whole of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) with artisan breweries from EU countries. The 12 pairs, one for each of the stars on the European flag, each brewed a beer celebrating an EU achievement.

‘The referendum campaign of 2016 was characterised by so much negativity on both sides. I always thought it was such a shame that the positive messages of EU membership were largely drowned out,’ said Sam Owens of Thirsty Cambridge. ‘I saw an opportunity to remind everyone of the huge benefits we enjoy across Europe thanks to this unprecedented exercise in collaboration between nations.’

‘Ease of travel’ was the topic chosen by Boundary and White Hag (based in Northern Ireland and Ireland, respectively); Tiny Rebel (Wales) and Mont Salève (France) went for ‘education exchange’; Fyne Ales (Scotland) and Beerbliotek (Sweden) picked ‘protection of workers’ rights’; while Lambrate (Italy) and Moor itself opted for ‘cross cultural collaboration’, the project’s key theme.

‘The world, industry and our social lives are so intertwined these days. We love working with other brewers, suppliers, customers, employees and friends from all over the EU and the rest of the world,’ commented Moor Beer’s Justin Hawke. ‘The term “collaborate” is getting used much more regularly these days – it’s key we don’t forget that. This project epitomises the concept by bringing together everyone in the supply chain, from the grower to the consumer, using beer as the social lubricant it has been for millennia. Long may it continue!’

UK events will kick off this evening in London, Bristol, Cambridge, Manchester, Berkshire, Edinburgh, Hull, Newport, Norwich, Southampton and Newcastle. An official launch will be held tomorrow at 3pm at Moor Beer Company’s London Vault in Bermondsey, gathering all teams from Thirsty Cambridge, Moor Beer and Beer52, which is partnering by distributing the beers to its subscribers.

Full list of participating breweries and themes

UK Brewery EU Brewery Theme
Boundary White Hag Ease of travel
Five Points Bevog Enhanced security and crime prevention
Fyne Ales Beerbliotek Protection of workers’ rights
Gipsy Hill To Øl Creation of the Schengen Area
Lost & Grounded Mahrs Protection of the environment
Moor Beer Lambrate Cross cultural collaboration
North Stu Mostow Peace in western Europe
Northern Monk Guineu Greater consumer rights
Ramsgate Pohjala Spread of democracy
Siren Kees Enhanced economic trading
Thornbridge Brasserie de la Senne Scientific and technological cooperation
Tiny Rebel Mont Saleve Education exchange


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