Innis & Gunn and Tullamore Dew launch Irish whiskey barrel stout

Drinks: Beers
Location: Ireland, Scotland

Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn knows a thing or two about maturing beer with whisky barrels, and for its latest iteration it’s teamed up with Irish distiller Tullamore Dew to create a limited-edition stout that’s been aged using Irish whiskey barrels.

Called Kindred Spirits, it comes in at a not insignificant 6.1%, and has been aged using Innis & Gunn’s ‘barrel into beer’ method, which sees the brewer breaking the barrels up, toasting the staves to different toast levels, and then immersing a combination of staves with different toast levels into the beer to speed up the process and achieve the desired flavour profile of the stout.

‘The Scots and Irish share a powerful Celtic connection in our culture and our character, a bond that draws us together with Tullamore Dew,’ said Dougal Gunn Sharp, Innis & Gunn’s founder and master brewer. ‘A brew that is greater than the sum of its parts, Kindred Spirits is a celebration of the best of Scots and Irish craftsmanship, and in our partnership using our unique barrel into beer ageing process with Tullamore’s legendary Irish whiskey barrels, it has sparked the creation of an exciting and unique flavour-packed alternative to the usual stouts.’

Innis & Gunn have been on a roll in recent years, with a huge crowdfunding campaign in 2016funding from investment firm L Catterton last year, and a report in August of a 25% increase in annual profit.

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