Beyond Dry January: Drinkaware urges consumers to drink less throughout the year

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A new campaign launched by alcohol education charity Drinkaware could bring further concerns for the on-trade, on top of the significant loss of profits due to Dry January.

The new campaign, named ‘Drink Free Days Are Not Just for January,’ urges consumers to take more breaks from alcohol throughout the year. Drinkaware claims it is particularly aimed at those who may go back to potentially harmful drinking habits once Dry January is over.

‘Drinkaware is here to help people who want to make changes to their drinking all year round,’ said Elaine Hindal, chief executive of Drinkaware. ‘Taking several drink-free days each week is a simple and easy thing to do, and we are here to support people every step of the way.’

Drinkaware has set up a self-assessment online tool on its website where consumers can input their own drinking routine and evaluate the effects it has on them. The tool shows the number of units of alcohol consumed and calories gained weekly, so that consumers can compare their drinking habits to the UK average and understand what difference taking drink-free days could make to their health.

Considering campaigns such as this one, a well-designed no- and low-abv offering is becoming a crucial tool for the on-trade to overcome lost revenues related to people cutting down on their alcohol consumption.

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