Devil’s Peak Brewing Company launches in the UK

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Another devil is making an appearance this Halloween – South African craft brewery Devil’s Peak Brewing Company is coming to the UK, courtesy of Charles Wells.

blockhouse-lifestyle-3Rated the best beer in South Africa by, the award-winning The King’s Blockhouse IPA is a West Coast-style IPA, and has picked up awards at Cape Town and Johannesburg’s Festival of Beer and the SAB Craft Brewer Championship.

Coming in at 6% abv the IPA is described as having a prominent hop aroma with a citrusy, piney, passion-fruit character. It supposedly has a decidedly bitter, fruit-driven flavour with a malt backbone, and medium-dry to dry finish.

According to Charles Wells, Devil’s Peak is the country’s fastest-growing craft brewery. Founded in 2012 it is now the second largest brewery in South Africa.

‘The UK craft beer market, while offering excellent variety and quality for beer lovers, is currently dominated by UK and US brewers. We’re here to help shake things up a little,’ said head brewer, JC Steyn. ‘Devil’s Peak Brewing Company has spent years developing a range of high-quality and varied beers that we’re certain will be a genuine alternative to beers that are now seen by many as the norm.

‘Starting with The King’s Blockhouse IPA, we’re giving the UK’s beer lovers a chance to challenge their own belief in what makes a great craft beer, and where that beer can come from. We have so many exciting things on the horizon for craft beer fans and will continue to push the boundaries of craft beer in South Africa, and beyond, well into the future.’

Charles Wells, 01234 272766

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