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Beavertown’s Logan Plant talks to Will Hawkes about Wolves, Glastonbury and curry on toast

‘I grew up with music [his dad is Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant]but it really took off after uni, when a friend and I went to New Zealand and busked.’

‘I’m obsessed with Wolves. My dad takingme to the game was a massive bonding experience. Now I have kids, there are three generations of Plants a tthe match, all swearing under our breath.’

‘I love Up In Smoke, the Cheech and Chong film. I used to watch it as a kid. I didn’t really know what was going on – it was just really funny.’

‘I love to cook curries – it’s relaxing. And curry is always good the next day on toast.’

‘My dad loves Britain: as a kid we went all over the place, we used to go to all sorts of castles and mountain-tops and forts. I’m very proud to be British.’

‘Family is huge to me. My upbringing was great – my parents were separated but supported me in all I did.’

‘I went to Glastonbury with my wife this year. It was full-on. Great bands, interesting food, terrible beer.’

‘Beer has been neglected, and stuck in its ways. I love cask beer but there’s only so much of it that you can appreciate.’

‘I’m very proud of being from the Black Country – it’s full of the most amazing, working-class, honest people. It’s a place where you can talk rubbish at the pub, have a laugh – it really is an extension of the front room.’

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