Hawksmoor NYC set to open in 2019 after five-year delay

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On the heels of opening their newest restaurant in Edinburgh, the team at Hawksmoor have announced plans for a New York City location.

Hawksmoor New York will be installed in the former United Charities Building between Madison Square Park and Gramercy Park, which is under restoration. It is set to open in 2019.

The former United Charities Building will be the site of the new Hawksmoor restaurant in NYC.

If this story sounds familiar, there’s a reason: in January 2016, the restaurant group publicised plans to open in the World Trade Center, but the project was scrapped in 2017.

Still, Hawksmoor is using the delay to its advantage. ‘When we open in 2019, Hawksmoor New York will have been five years in the making,’ explained co-founder Will Beckett.

‘While that has felt like an incredibly long wait, it has given us the opportunity to know New York intimately, meet the people who make the industry tick, eat extensively in its amazing restaurants and find some passionate farmers, fishermen and suppliers.’

Beckett and Huw Gott founded the original Hawksmoor location in 2006, and have since expanded it into a group of nine venues. The New York location will serve the chain’s classic British steakhouse fare to a house of 180 covers, paired with signature cocktails created behind the 50-seat bar.

Hawksmoor’s announcement of growth comes in the midst of the news of steakhouse chain Gaucho folding, a collapse which – if it comes to pass – could take 1,500 jobs along with it.

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