Lunzer Wine Events plans to ‘de-snob’ wine events

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Ever feel out of your depth at a wine tasting? Can’t spot the notes of toasted bracken? Peter Lunzer, of Lunzer Wine Events has launched a global initiative to take the supposed snobbery out of it.

peter-lunzerAiming to deliver wine consumers honest, down to earth descriptions of the wines they’re drinking, as apposed to what he feels are quite outlandish ones. The initiative follows 20 years of research in which the behavior of wine tasters was analysed.

According to the research, In one wine programme a consumer was asked by the wine expert what he could smell and received a frosty look when he responded ‘grapes’. In another, a US-based wine journalist described a wine in eight flavours, whilst a rival journalist only used four – with neither being the same.

The approach of the campaign is to provide background information about wines and their methods of production so that every attendee feels comfortable to make their own judgement, and decide what wines they like.

‘It’s been said before but I am going to say it again, the wine industry is still far too full of snobbery and clap trap,’ said Lunzer. ‘For some reason us wine buffs feel the need to surround our knowledge in superlatives and ridiculous descriptions that make our wine drinkers feel inadequate and out of their depth.’

To find out more about Lunzer Wine Events’ ‘Get Real’ campaign, visit the website.


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