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The Manchester bar scene has an affinity with rum, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that a new rum brand called Diablesse has been launched by local independent company Farman & Son.

There are two products, a Caribbean Rum and a Clementine Spiced Rum, in the range so far.

The Caribbean Rum (40% abv, £40/70cl) is a blend of three different liquids: an eight-year-old Bajan rum from Foursquare Distillery; a four-year-old Jamaican copper pot still rum from Worthy Park distillery; and a two-year-old Guyanese rum, distilled in the 19th-century wooden Enmore pot still at the Diamond Distillery – the only still of its kind in operation today. It’s relatively light on its feet, with notes of caramel, Brazil nuts, orange peel and rubber, giving way to more orchard fruits – apple and pear specifically – sultanas and the slightest hint of clove.

The Clementine Spiced Rum (42.3% abv, £35/70cl), meanwhile, uses a base of demerara rum from the Diamond Distillery, and is naturally flavoured with clementine and ‘Caribbean-inspired spices’. This rum does what it says on the label, with a big bouquet of fresh and candied orange citrus, bitter orange, distinct demerara, kola nuts, cinnamon, dark chocolate and a hint of chilli spice all on an unctuous palate.

Diablesse has already appointed Gethin Jones of Cottonopolis as its brand ambassador. ‘I’m really excited to be working with a quality, honest rum full of character,’ he said. ‘It has versatility and embraces the potential for innovative rum serves that takes rum in a direction not normally associated with this category.’

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