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Pernod Ricard has launched its first major global corporate campaign to encourage conviviality in a world that places less value on in-person interaction

Bars, restaurants and pubs have long been at the heart of all things convivial, providing hubs for friends to catch up over a bottle of wine or a round of cocktails. But as more people choose social media platforms as their primary form of communication, this face-to-face interaction seems to be less of a priority.

Clearly, this has ramifications for the on-trade, with would-be customers opting to spend the evening scrolling rather than meeting with mates down the pub. But, according to a new survey, it could also indicate a greater cultural shift – one away from friendliness and towards insularity.

Based on these survey results, drinks giant Pernod Ricard has launched Be a Convivialist, a new campaign with the aim of highlighting the importance of conviviality and community in today’s world.

Conviviality in decline?

The survey, conducted by OpinionWay on behalf of Pernod Ricard, gathered insights from more than 11,400 people in 11 countries to learn more about the current state of conviviality. It revealed that 60% of respondents consider their home country to be less convivial than it was five years ago.

What’s more, the survey pointed to technology as a potential factor in the decrease in conviviality. Sixty per cent of survey respondents said that social media networks make their friendships more superficial, and 77% admitted to refusing to go out with friends to stream a series or film at home. Two-thirds said that they’re seeing less of their friends in person.

Bringing back friendliness

Pernod Ricard’s response to these dismal numbers is its Be a Convivialist campaign, which centres around a new documentary titled The Power of Conviviality.

The documentary weaves together the stories of people from 12 global destinations, from a bar in Brooklyn to a wedding in Goa, to explore the importance of community and in-person interaction.

‘There’s a real yearning for connection and sharing in today’s world,’ commented Alexandre Ricard, chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard.

‘Convivialité is more than just a corporate value for Pernod Ricard, it’s our raison d’être – and it’s proudly embodied every day by our 19,000 employees across the globe. This mindset echoes the lifelong motto of my grandfather Paul Ricard, who launched an invitation to all his employees to “make a new friend every day”.’

The company has also developed an online platform to encourage conviviality. The site contains the results of the survey, tips for becoming a convivialist and profiles of the people featured in the documentary.

To learn more about Pernod Ricard’s Be a Convivialist campaign, visit

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