UK’s first cashless pub opens for business in Suffolk

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Visit The Boot in Freston, and you might as well leave your wallet at home. That’s not because landlord Mike Keen is giving pints away, but because he claims to be the first fully cashless pub in the UK.

The 16th-century pub, near Ipswich, no longer has tills, with customers instead paying either by card or through their phone.

‘Cash has always been a pain,’ says Keen, ‘You’ve got problems with theft, and banks charge you a fortune to pay cash in. The bottom line is so hard we have to take advantage where we can.’

As well as reduced insurance premiums Keen cites the time-saving factor of no longer having to physically bring till takings to the bank to pay in the money, or pay a security firm to pick up the cash.

As for disadvantages, there’s only one.

‘Some people who are used to paying with cash are taken aback when they haven’t got the option,’ he says. ‘But everyone has a bank account…’

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