Canton Tea develops iced tea range for The Wolseley


Up-and-coming tea producer Canton Tea has developed a range of sparkling iced teas especially for London’s iconic café and restaurant The Wolseley.

Available till the end of September, the range, which includes sparkling Earl Grey, Jasmine Bud Spritz and Berry & Hibiscus Fizz, was developed by Alice Evans, Canton’s head of tea, in close collaboration with The Wolseley’s head barista Lukas Krupala.

The teas have been designed to be enjoyed as an alternative to the typical hot tea that accompanies The Wolseley’s British cucumber sandwiches and its more exotic éclairs or macaroons. With Canton creating the leaves, The Wolseley’s team then adds water at 75 degrees and granulated sugar and allow a three to five minute infusion with citrus peel. The mixture is then strained and cooled before the teas are served over ice and topped with chilled sparkling soda water.

‘Each tea has been bought direct from small, well-managed tea gardens across the globe where the brand has close relationships with the producers,’ said Canton. ‘The leaves are carefully handpicked and skilfully hand-processed to tease out the sweetest notes and most complex flavours.’

The sparkling ice tea range sees each expression priced at £4.50.


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