Promotion: New softs brand Gemellii brings Italian-inspired tonics to the UK


Any savvy gin drinker will tell you that the craft boom of the juniper spirit has led to next-level quality and creativity in the tonic market, too.

Take, for instance, the new premium softs and mixer brand Gemellii. Inspired by a passion for gin and their Italian heritage, Gemellii’s founders decided to create their own range of tonics using all-natural Italian ingredients.

The result? Four drinks with well-balanced flavour profiles, which shine both with spirits and without.

Only the best

Each variety in the Gemellii range is made with Italian water from the mountains in Piemonte, sweetened with organic agave for a delicate character and flavoured with extracts from fruits, roots and herbs.

Gemellii’s Indian Tonic provides a classic, bitter flavour profile, with an aromatic quality from Sicilian lemon oil.

Meanwhile, the Blueberry Tonic provides a fruity twist on the traditional mixer, infused with a playful blueberry flavour against a pleasantly bitter backdrop.

The Bergamot Tonic layers notes of grapefruit and fennel on a base of  – you guessed it – Italian bergamot. It’s our favourite of the bunch, and one we’d happily pair with a herbaceous gin, to complement the tonic’s citrus flavours, and a grapefruit-wheel garnish.

Perhaps the most unusual drink In the Gemellii line-up is the Bitter XXVI, which the brand calls ‘an aperitivo without the alcohol’. Ideal for people looking for a soft drink with a grown-up flavour profile, it boasts a satisfying bitterness and complexity from a blend of 26 herbs, and can be enjoyed on the rocks, on its own or in a mixed drink.

Find your flavour

Keen to give the flavours of Italy a go? Request your free sample of Gemellii here, then head to Imbibe Live on 1-2 July 2019 for the brand’s official launch.

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