Water kefir Agua De Madre launches with an eye to kombucha market


Step aside, kombucha: new drinks brand Agua De Madre has rolled out its water kefir to the UK on-trade, marrying the trend for both low-abv and probiotic beverages.

Agua de Madre co-founder Nicola Hart was inspired to develop her water kefir after trying the drink at Silo in Brighton. She went on to develop her own recipe along with her co-founder Sam Clark, joint chef and owner of London restaurants Moro and Morito.

For the uninitiated, water kefir is a drink created by fermenting water and sugar with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts (SCOBY) called tibicos. To make Agua De Madre, Hart also adds fresh organic lemons, ginger and dried figs to the ferment to amp up the flavour.

The result is a fizzy liquid that claims digestive health benefits from the live cultures it contains.

However, Hart is focusing less on the health angle and more on the drink’s positioning as an alternative to boozier drinks as it clocks in at 1.2% abv.

‘I didn’t want to brand it as a health drink and filter out the alcohol,’ she told Imbibe. ‘It has the complexity and mouthfeel of [a more]alcoholic drink and the nose of one, so I decided to own the fact it’s alcoholic.’

Hart also highlighted water kefir’s potential as a cocktail ingredient. ‘It works with vermouth as a low-alcoholic cocktail, and I’ve already seen bartenders making Madre Mules and Madre Mojitos,’ she said.

Agua De Madre is already stocked at venues including Orasay, St Leonards and Moro, and is available in 33cl, 50cl and 75cl bottles.


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