Bimber Distillery targets the speed rail

Location: England, Europe

Thinking of shaking up your selection of house-pour spirits? London’s Bimber Distillery has just launched a vodka and a gin specifically designed to go in your speed rail.

The team at the distillery has created The London Classics range to address what they perceive as a ‘lack of creativity, individuality and value for money’ in house-pour spirits.

With that in mind, they’ve developed a vodka and a gin specifically for this purpose, and put them in simply-branded, bartender-friendly bottles that are up to the task. And rather than skimp on the quality of the spirits, costs have been cut on the price of the bottle, cork and labels instead.

According to Bimber, these spirits still tick all of the craft boxes: distilled in small batches, and packaged and labelled by hand, all at the West London distillery.

London Vodka is made entirely from British grain – primarily wheat but with some barley too. The London Gin is traditional in style, with 10 classic London Dry botanicals.

These go for £21.98 and £22.45, respectively, from Bimber Distillery’s website, with trade pricing available from the distillery.


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