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Having worked in an array of bars for almost twenty years now, I have during that time developed an increasing frustration with regards as to how poorly-designed the actual bar layouts were in many of those establishments that I worked in. I felt if owners had actually taken the time to consult with professional bartenders as opposed to interior designers on such matters they would have saved themselves a lot of money and heartache.

It was with this in mind that I felt the need to design a cocktail bar station which maximized the speed and quality of cocktail output while also allowing for better utilization of bar space. I was first introduced to the “three-sink” system of dump, rinse and ice in Little Branch over in New York in the summer of 2006. This was a system that I thought worked totally; however it was also a very basic system that I thought I could make modifications on.Working closely with my good friend Steven Pattison and the rest of the team at Drinksology we put my ideas in place in the cocktail bars of the Merchant Hotel to great success and I believe that this particular station is very much the way to go. With it, everything is at hand and it is what I determine as being the perfect one-bartender cocktail station. Trust me, I am not out for self-glory with this; it is very likely that I’ll never receive a single penny from it. To me it “works” and is very much a cocktail station for the times we are in. We will be putting these stations into our new bar here at the hotel – Bert’s Jazz Bar – which will open in July this year.

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There are more details and images available at www.drinksology.net/cocktailstation

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