Bar Swift shakes up offerings with new cocktail and food menu


Soho bar Swift has rolled out a new menu – the most significant revamp of its offerings since the bar launched two years ago.

The new list, available at Swift’s downstairs bar, was developed by owners Mia Johansson and Bobby Hiddleston, with input from other members of the team. It’s divided into four sections: Delicate, Bright, Stiff and Rich. Each of these categories is led by an image created by illustrator Sarah Strode.

Each section of the menu is accompanied by an illustration by artist Sarah Strode

‘Swift’s signature style has always been pared-back presentation, and this is something that will very much remain,’ said Johansson. ‘However, we wanted to create something which would guide guests on the style of drink they’re choosing in a very visual way. The images [illustrated by Strode]not only convey the flavour profile, but also the feeling and emotion they evoke.’

First up, ‘Delicate’ contains drinks with lighter flavours – think ingredients like cucumber and blossom flowers. Imbibe tried the Bocatello, a juicy, smoky-sweet mix of mezcal, Dubonnet, Ramazotti, strawberry vermouth and prosecco. ‘Bright’ features serves with bolder flavours like chilli and citrus, while ‘Stiff’ offers a knockout bunch of stirred-down drinks (Cobblestone, with Black Bush Irish whiskey, nocino, oloroso and Angostura bitters, was a favourite). Finally, ‘Rich’ embraces more decadent ingredients and textures.

The menu overhaul includes new food offerings too, with oysters and a range of bocadillo sandwiches to accompany the drinks.

‘We wanted to give food options without doing anything too big,’ bartender Sam Ameye told Imbibe. ‘We thought, “Hold on, we’re in Soho!” People come here before or after dinner. So the new menu is just right.’

Earlier this week, Johansson and Hiddleston won Bar Owner of the Year at Imbibe‘s Personality of the Year Awards – read all about the winners here

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