The best of the north: Manchester’s Bars Awards 2019 winners revealed

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Last night, the good barfolk of Manchester congregated under the flashing neon lights of Bunny Jackson’s to recognise some of the city’s biggest personalities, hardest workers and best bars at the second-annual Manchester’s Bars Awards.

‘We wanted the awards to bring people together in a way that might not happen organically,’ Nate Booker, founder of Northern Hospitality and one of the awards’ organisers, told Imbibe. ‘They help create benchmarks for venues and bartenders within the community.’

And, of course, they provide an excellent reason to take the night off and consume a questionable amount of Hooch.

Imbibe was present to witness the evening’s mischief. The queue was out the door, the tequila was flowing and there was no shortage of vocal ‘talent’ onstage (#replife, anyone?). From the prized accolade of Bartenders’ Best Bar to the tongue-in-cheek title of Best-Dressed Rep, here are the champions…

  • Manchester’s Best New Bartender: Amy Fields, Crazy Pedros NQ
  • Manchester’s Best Bartender: Gethin Jones, Cottonopolis
  • Best Bar Back: Benji, Mojo
  • Best Bar Team: Science + Industry
  • Best New Bar: Cocktail Beer Ramen + Bun
  • Best Front of House Star: Chloe Williams, Cocktail Beer Ramen + Bun
  • Business Development Manager: Amy Parry, Flight Club
  • Industry Legend: Becky Davies
  • Bartenders’ Best Drink: Trifecta, Sherlock’s
  • Bartenders’ Best Bar of the Year: Bunny Jackson’s
  • #RepLife – Best-Dressed Rep Award: Olly Foster and Penny Mcmylor
  • #TheMarsland Award for Best Check In: Dave Marsland
  • #GoodnightSweetPrince – Best Shuttered Bar of 2018: Epernay

Featured image, left to right: Cottonopolis and Science + Industry, two of the nominees for Bartenders’ Best Bar of the Year

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