Hudson takes top spot in final Rematch competition

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Rematch Beeyatch is dead. Stu Hudson killed it.

Last night Rematch Beeyatch returned to where it all began over a decade ago, at Trailer Happiness, for its final edition. The industry’s most anarchic competition was hosted by its two founders, Paul Mant and Tim Stones, as well as Russell Burgess, and judged by Jake Burger, Ben Reed, Nectaly Mendoza and Michael Butt, who liberally disqualified a number of contestants.

The premise is simple. Make nine specific rum cocktails, open a beer, say ‘brap’. Penalties are given for substandard drinks and the fastest time wins all the entry money. There’s no brand sponsorship, lots of booze, and fierce rivalry. In the words of Ben Reed, it’s ‘the Ritalin-addled, bastard love child of Tim and Paul’.

This year featured an all-star list of competitors from around the world, namely Bobby Hiddleston, Jillian Vose, Christian Delpech, JJ Goodman, Bex Almqvist, Stu Hudson, Yael Vengroff, Dean Callan and Jim Wrigley. Erik Lorincz and Ryan Chetiyawardana didn’t show.

Over the years competitors have shaved more and more time off, with Hiddleston setting the record at 1:29 in 2012, beaten by Callan in 2016, with 1:24. Neither were on that kind of form last night, with Hiddlestson among the disqualifications, and Callan trailing in at 1:58.

It was Stu Hudson who took home this final-ever Rematch prize, with a solid showing of 1:39 including a 10 second penalty.

Rematch has come a long way since that first grudge match all those years ago. It’s dead now. RIP. Brap.

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