Quaglino’s develops new menu with a focus on sustainability


’Tis the season for sustainability. Hot on the heels of Nine Lives launching its ethically-minded menu, Mayfair bar Quaglino’s has announced that its new drinks list will also shed light on environmental issues.

Let’s Be Clear

Titled ‘The science of sustainability’, the new drinks list is broken down into Past, Present and Future. According to the bar, these sections explore ‘the path of sustainability through cocktails’.

Past examines how humans have contributed to global warming throughout history. It includes drinks such as Let’s Be Clear, a mix of Santa Teresa rum, Gosling’s Black, Antica Formula, clear milk, vanilla, spices, bitters, gold and nutmeg.

The Q Project

Present aims to raise awareness of current developments in the sustainability movement through cocktails like The Q Project, a rum-based cocktail with sous vide banana and jaggery. For every Q Project sold, Quaglino’s is donating £1 to the charity Hunger Project UK.

Finally, the ‘Future’ section looks at the technological and scientific progress that could help push the sustainability movement forward. In this section, Tornados, a drink comprised of Hennessey, Madeira, camomile liqueur, grapefruit and ‘clouds’, gains inspiration from a Canadian engineer’s idea of containing a twister and using it to generate cheap energy.


The menu was developed by Quaglino’s head mixologist Federico Pasian and bar manager Marco Sangion. ‘We want to promote sustainability awareness among those who follow us,’ said Sangion.

In addition to its partnership with Hunger Project UK, the bar is also working with food waste collection service Indie Ecology to implement sustainable practices in the creation of each drink. Metal and pasta straws will be used to reduce waste, ingredients will be sourced locally and organically where possible, and the menu itself will be made of recycled materials.

The Science of Sustainability menu launches at Quaglino’s on 24 September.

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