Manchester Gin announces new distillery with bar and restaurant

Location: UK

Manchester Gin has unveiled plans for a new distillery in Manchester city centre, complete with a bar and restaurant, to increase production and add an experiential element to its offering.

The distillery will be located underneath the conference and events venue Manchester Central, taking over a building that features six railway arches and three floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

The new facility measures 5,300sq ft, and will contain a new 1,000l still that Manchester Gin’s co-founders Seb and Jen Heeley call ‘Wonder Wend’.

‘[The new still] will instantly increase our production capability by 500%,’ Seb explained to Imbibe. ‘It was important for us to make sure that the new site had the capacity for us to grow into so we can stay here for many years to come.’

The distillery will allow visitors to take part in hands-on experiences such as tutorials, talks, masterclasses and gin-making sessions.

‘For us, [offering on-site experiences]is one of the main drivers for moving to such a large and prominent distillery. We hear more and more that people want to feel part of the story and want to see how gin is made in person,’ said Seb. ‘We’ll be creating a gin school as well as running specialist workshops where people can learn about all things gin.’

Meanwhile, the bar and restaurant will offer cuisine and cocktails with an emphasis on local produce – and it will provide another way to engage with the gin, as well.

‘We want to be as inclusive as possible and let people interact with [the brand how]they want to. If you want to come and do a full gin-making experience that’s great, but if you just want to come for a delicious cocktail and watch our distillery at work then we’re happy with that too.’

Manchester Gin’s new distillery is set to launch this summer.

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