Mast Jagermeister UK enters gin category with Gin Sul


It may be better known for its proclivity with shot enthusiasts, but Mast Jagermeister UK has now entered the gin category. Gin Sul – a small-batch, premium craft gin – has been added to its portfolio, not only signalling the company’s first foray into the category, but also marking the beginning of it working to a portfolio model.

‘We’re incredibly excited to welcome Gin Sul into the Mast-Jagermeister UK brand family,’ said Guy Lawrence, the company’s chief executive officer. ‘Gin Sul’s unique background and positioning make it an ideal proposition for the UK on-trade as bartenders seek out gin brands with distinction and flavour profile that lends itself well to a range of serves.’

Founder Steve Garbe describes it as ‘the fragrance of the south distilled in the north’. Having been unable to gain permission to distill in Portugal, he returned to his hometown of Hamburg and took the tastes of the western Algarve coast with him.

Made using fresh lemons and hand-picked gum rockrose from the western Algarve, the German gin has been filtered through ice-age shingle, and crafted with 14 botanicals such as lavender and cinnamon. The result is a touch of eucalyptus on the nose with the lavender shining through, while on the palate there a strong kick of refreshing citrus that dominates – the suggested serve is with a dry tonic and a twist of orange zest.

Bottled from 100-litre copper stills, it’s also filled by hand into genever-style stoneware bottles – its thickness keeps the liquid’s flavours protected from light and temperature shocks.

43% abv, £35/50cl, Mast Jagermeister UK

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