Maestros of the spirits world assemble for Dictador’s 2 Masters

Location: South America

Many hands make light work has never been more true with the latest offering from Colombian rum producer, Dictador as it’s teamed up with cognac, whisky, champagne, armagnac, Bordeaux and Sauternes wine.

Decades-old liquid, 2 Masters, is the product of a rather special partnership which was more than two years in the making.

Dictador is blending its minimum 40-year aged rums with other spirits for the first time. Cognac, whisky, champagne, armagnac, red and white wines, bourbon, tequila, mezcal, sake, port and baijiu will all take their turn to be blended.

Each cellar master has been carefully selected and invited to participate in the creation of 2 Masters by Dictador master blender, Hernan Parra. These include Hardy Cognac’s Michael Bouilly, Glenfarclas Distillery’s  Callum Fraser, Leclerc Briant’s Hervé Justin, Jérôme Cosson of Château D’Arche and Thibault Despagne of Despagne.

Parra has described the new blends as: ‘A rare, ageless and unconventional piece of art.’ No kidding.

With the first barrels of Dictador rum already in France, it’s been estimated the blending process will take between three months to three years, depending on skills, environments and other factors.

Intrigued? Why, of course you are. You’ll have to wait until the second quarter of 2018 at the earliest to get your palates around this experimental release.

You can keep tabs on the team at the Dictador website.

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