Funkin introduces UK’s first-ever hemp syrup for cocktails


Cocktail mixer and fruit purée brand Funkin has created a syrup flavoured with hemp, a variety of the cannabis sativa plant species.

The FunkinPRO Hemp Syrup is the latest product to join Funkin’s single-batch Pro range and has been designed to complement cocktails and work with a plethora of spirits, from tequila, gin and rum to bitters.

Offering herbal and green-tea notes, the syrup has a natural green-yellow colour given by the use of British hemp seed extract and a sweetness from pure cane sugar.

Hemp is similar to marijuana, but doesn’t have its hallucinogenic properties. It’s been used in Britain to make fabric and rope since at least the middle ages and is legal to grow under licence from the Home Office. 

Hemp is now classed as a superfood, so although FunkinPRO Hemp Syrup won’t get you high, it might add some superpowers to your cocktail.

RRP £4 per 36cl bottle

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