Brittains adds its first spiced rum to its portfolio of gins and vodkas


Doncaster-based spirits brand Brittains has announced the launch of its first spiced rum. The new distillate will join the company’s wide range of premium and flavoured gins and vodkas.

Vodka has always been and will always be a mainstay in the drinks cabinet, and the gin resurgence of 2016 still reigns supreme,’ said master blender John Raper. ‘However, we’ve noticed that consumers are still looking to add new drinks to the mix, and we are convinced that rum will be the next best thing.’

Brittains Premium Spiced Rum is a blend of molasses-based rums from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The Dominican Republic rum is distilled in a column still, while the Jamaican rum is distilled in copper pots.

The rums are shipped from the Caribbeans at a strength of 75% abv, and once they reach Brittains they’re are cleared of impurities via reverse osmosis and reduced to the final alcohol content of 35% abv by adding water. At this stage Raper adds his blend of caramel and spices.

The rum is designed to work as both a mixer and a sipping beverage, boasting a full body and warming notes of toffee, vanilla pods, cinnamon, nutmeg and hints of black peppercorns.

‘If last year and this year is anything to go by, the signs suggest that rum will continue to prosper in 2019,’ said Raper. ‘We’re looking forward to seeing just how far the rum resurgence goes and will raise a glass to its continued success this New Year!’  

Brittain’s Premium Spiced Rum, RRP £27/70cl, is available from

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