Satan’s Whiskers’ Nicole Sykes wins Patrón Perfectionists UK final

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Nicole Sykes of Satan’s Whiskers in Bethnal Green, east London, was last night crowned UK champion of the 2018 Patrón Perfectionists cocktail competition.

Godfather’s Affinity

Glass: Wine glass
Garnish: Apple crisp
Method: Shake all ingredients (apart from soda) with cubed ice then double strain into glass over cubed ice. Top with coriander seed soda and spray lime zest over the top of the drink.

  • 40ml Patrón Silver tequila
  • 20ml Martini Riserva Speciale Ambrato
  • 10ml fresh lime juice
  • 20ml pickled dry crab apple reduction
  • 70ml coriander seed soda
  • Lime zest spray to finish

Having triumphed in their respective regional heats, six gallant bartenders battled it out at Restaurant Ours, where they were tasked with creating a cocktail ‘worthy of a perfectionist’ using Patrón tequila.

Sykes’ winning drink Godfather’s Affinity was inspired by the Paloma, one of Mexico’s most popular cocktails. It combined Patrón Silver tequila, Martini Riserva Speciale Ambrato, pickled dry crab apple reduction and coriander seed soda, all finished with a lime zest spray.

‘My cocktail Godfather’s Affinity represents the affinity and the community that Patrón has built within the industry, and ‘godfather’ roughly translates to Patrón in Spanish,’ she said.

‘The Paloma is an extremely light and refreshing cocktail that can be enjoyed at any occasion with friends. The community ethos that is at the core of Patrón’s ethics, reminded me very much of my own community in hospitality, bartending in particular.’

She can’t rest on her laurels just yet though. Next up, she’ll travel to Hacienda Patrón in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, where she will represent the UK against the winners from 19 other countries in the global semi finals on 23 January next year. If successful, she will then go through to the global final the following day.

This year’s UK finalists consisted of Clare Morrow of The Domino Club in Leeds; Maria Kontoravdis of Doctor Ink’s Curiosities in Exeter; Mike Canham of the recently opened Faraway Cocktail Club in Bristol; Nicole Sykes of Satan’s Whiskers in London; Gianluca Pavanello of Bar Swift, also in London; and Sarah Berardi of Draffens in Dundee.


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