Tony Conigliaro launches new vodka brand with Cask


One of the dons of the UK drinks scene has created a flavoured vodka brand to mix with champagne.

The first in the series is Woltz’s Rose Petal Vodka, a grain vodka made by Conigliaro’s company Drink Factory using a rotovap.

‘It’s commercialising some of the flavours that Tony has been working on and with for years,’ explains Stuart Ekins, co-founder of Cask Liquid Marketing, who will be acting as distributors for the product.

The aroma transports you to a rose garden, while on the palate an initial creaminess leads onto the rose petal, and a drying grain character on the mid-palate. The finish gives an impression of residual sweetness and a hint of perfume. It’s a beautifully balanced product, given how overpowering floral flavours can be.

The brand is called Woltz after the Jewish film producer in The Godfather, who ends up with a horse’s head in his bed – hence the running horse depicted on the label.

There are three more flavours planned in the series: elderflower, rhubarb and horseradish.

‘The idea for the elderflower is that you’ll be able to create Tony’s Twinkle cocktail without using elderflower liqueur in it,’ said Ekins.

Watch this space…

40% abv, £29.99, Cask Liquid Marketing

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