Trade warms to Caperitif

Location: South Africa

South African wine maverick Adi Badenhorst has reported exceptional interest from around the trade in his new vermouth-like aperitif, Caperitif. ‘It’s been hugely popular, says Damon Quinlan of importers Swig. ‘There are some pretty big boys looking at taking it on.’

Badenhorst is well known for his rough and ready approach to winemaking, often championing unfashionable grape varieties or styles. His tasting at Imbibe Live showcased an unfortified white wine made under flor, a 12-varietal white blend, and a red Barbarossa.

Caperitif is made by macerating base wines with herbs and grasses from Badenhorst’s wine farm in the Swartland,  including the prized South African ‘fynbos’ vegetation. Swig are selling it to the trade for £14 a bottle.

Badenhorst has also created his own tonic water, Swaan, and the team at Swig are also looking at creating pre-mixed cans of Caperitif and tonic.

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