Benromach brings out 41- and 46-year-old single casks

Location: UK

Speyside distillery Benromach is launching two new single-cask whiskies from 1977 and 1972 under its Heritage label.

There are 122 bottles of Benromach Heritage 1977 up for sale, with the liquid bottled at 49.6% abv from cask number 1269 on 8 October. It’s retailing at £1,250.

Benromach Heritage 1972 is even more exclusive, with 75 decanters available. Bottled from cask 4471 on 11 December 2018, it’s an impressive 55.7% abv and is on sale for £1,500.

Both whiskies have been matured in refill American hogsheads, with the brand describing the 1977’s palate as having ‘flavours of warm apple pie, poached pear and hints of ginger… floral notes and apricot jam’; and the 1972 as ‘a smooth dram with hints of spice… exotic fruit flavours leading to an ashy smoke finish’.

‘We’re proud to build on the popularity of previous Benromach vintage releases from the 1970s with these unique single-cask bottlings that represent different moments in time from the distillery’s rich history,’ said Benromach distillery manager Keith Cruickshank.

‘Through careful monitoring and regular sampling throughout the maturation process, these remarkable releases have been aged to over 40 years each. Both golden amber single malts are brimming with fruity flavours and subtle oak notes.’

Benromach has had a chequered past, having been mothballed four times. However, things have settled since it was taken over by current owners Gordon & MacPhail, who bought the distillery in 1993 and reopened it in 1998. The distillery doesn’t contain any automated machinery, leaving it to the team of distillers to manage the process by relying on their senses.

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