Glen Grant adds three whiskies to its line-up

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Not content with drip-feeding news to us over time, Glen Grant has hit the industry with a quadruple whammy, launching three new products and a packaging redesign in one fell swoop.

‘It’s the time for Glen Grant to go up to the Premier League and launch an 18yo – at a time when most companies are launching no age statements,’ declared master distiller Dennis Malcom.

Indeed, the new line-up sees a 12yo, non-chill-filtered 12yo (available in travel retail) and the 18yo join the 10yo in the core expressions.

When asked what’s happening to the Glen Grant 16yo, which stood with the 10yo in the regular line up, Malcolm confessed: ‘I had to stop making the 16yo two years ago in order to make the 18yo. I wasn’t very popular within the company.’

The two 12yos are the same liquid, but treated in different ways. The standard 12yo is 43% abv and chill filtered, resulting in an easy-drinking dram of honey, apples and pears, with some lemony notes. The non-chill-filtered 12yo is 48% abv, and you really feel that alcoholic punch. ‘I think of this whisky as a toffee apple,’ declared Malcolm. Add to that some red fruit and an interesting cooling character, akin to menthol and liquorice, and a drying, slightly grainy finish, and you’re there.

The whiskies were showcased at a launch dinner where two-Michelin-starred chef Tom Kitchin paired dishes with each. To round the night off, the 18yo was served with baked Tunworth cheeses, which had been drizzled with honey as well as the whisky – a memorable way to enjoy a dram, if ever there was one.

The packaging redesign features a new Glen Grant logo that will stand on the front of every bottle, and different colours for each release.

12yo: £37.40, 12yo NCF: £37, 18yo: £110, Campari UK, 020 3100 9600

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