Opinion: Losing an old friend

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Im still in mourning. Over the weekend I lost a dear friend of many years. Together we have opened many hundreds of bottles of wine, some average, many great, some stunning. Weve shared some pretty hairy services that weve only just held it together and we shared some easy nights, when every customer is a dream. Im going to miss my old friend. I am of course talking about my pulltap wine knife, which tragically died in the middle of dinner service on sunday night, the worm snapping in two trying to extract a difficult cork from a bottle of Gewurztraminer. Now I hold the Gewurzt responsable for its untimely demise.

This might all sound a bit dramatic, but I was remarkably attached to the old boy. Ive had him for nearly ten years now. The blacking was all worn off exposing the metal base, the knife was almost blunt, but together we had opened many hundreds of bottles. I liked the weight of it, its balance in my hand. The worm was long enough to handle most corks, and the double lever action meant that i rarely snapped a cork. True it wasnt up to handling older bottles of wine, or many of the Californian wines (for some reason they seem to use really crappy corks that crumble) but thats what my Butlers Thief wine knife is for.

So now i have to break in a new knife, and at the back of mind is the thought that someday, hopefully well into the future, Im going to have deal with the loss of that one too.

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