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Spring is nearly coming now, we’ve one Hallmark Holiday left (no-one cares really about Fathers Day) then Easter is rapidly approaching. The days are starting to warm up and are definately getting a little bit longer. Its time to do some spring cleaning and get the wine-list in order ready for summer.

Over winter, the wine-list has favoured bigger, more robust reds, richer more oaky styles of whites, wines that suit the wintery menus. Root veggies, robust meats, orchard fruits are all slowly starting to disappear off the menu. Forced rhubarb is starting to appear, it wont be long until lamb makes an appearance on the menu. Dishes are becoming lighter and more elegant, flavours more subtle, and it becomes neccessary to adjust the winelist to suit this.

The next few months will see a gradual evolving of the wine-list to bring these new wines into play, slowly fading out the bigger, heavier wines and integrating the lighter, fruity styles. Lets just hope that we get a summer worthy of them!

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