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‘Over the past month or so I can safely say I’ve been disappointed by what I’ve been served – and how it has been served – in most on-trade establishments,’ complained Lulu Halstead in wine industry market researcher Wine Intelligence’s latest business briefing

She was unimpressed by having no option other than large glasses and by the poor condition of the wine she has been served lately. Why does the on trade get it so wrong so often?

Wine seems to be merely a profit centre, that too many operators think doesn’t need any care or attention. Call me self-interested if you will, but there remains a dire need for basic training of restaurant and pub staff – and management – in the selection and serving of wine. These days there is no excuse for poor quality or out of condition wine and the large glass-only non-option actively expresses contempt for the customer. It is well established than proper wine training can improve sales and profitability and customer satisfaction, which the smart people knows is what keeps your business successful over the long term.

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