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Three days judging some great wines in Mendoza for the Argentine Wine Awards were somewhat dramatically overshadowed by the effects of the Chilean earthquake across the Andes. Not much damage compared to the catastrophic effects in Chile but more than a little frightening nevertheless. Not much in the way of damage reports here, although there were rumours that Catena had lost quite a few expensive bottles. Earlier in the week, at a dinner at Bodega Norton the show judges (all Masters of Wine from Europe and the Americas) tasted a 1974 Malbec. This very wine they say was the wine that caused Robert Mondavi to declare in 1990 that Argentina has found its own grape. Twenty years later the wine is still drinking pretty well. Showing attractive, mature , dried fruit aromas, with hints of dusty pot pourri, it still has sweet fruit in the mouth, with life and freshness and soft, rounded tannins.

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