Bolney Wine Estate bans cork and switches to screw cap

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Embracing the growing trend for sustainability in the drinks industry, West Sussex winery Bolney Estate has announced it will move all the closures for its still wines to screw cap.

The move will affect all vintages from this year, where corks will be replaced with hot-foiled vinotwist caps, which have saranex lining and allow similar permeability to the corks previously used by the winery.

The move comes at a time when the drinks industry is finally bucking up sustainability wise. The new screw caps are fully recyclable, reduce packaging and are said to be more reliable than corks when it comes to keeping oxygen out.

Due to the fresh, fruity nature of Bolney’s wines, the screw cap provides a perfect closure, as all wines are designed to be consumed young.

‘Our transition to screw caps has been done with careful consideration, diligence and planning,’ said Sam Linter, managing director and head winemaker for the estate. ‘We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes as well as increase efficiency. This in turn delivers our promise to consistently produce delicious wine.’

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