New app Wine Picker is customer’s ‘pocket sommelier’

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Looking for more insight into your customers’ wine wants? Billed as a ‘pocket sommelier’, Wine Picker is a new wine pairing service, set to help diners around the US and UK chose the perfect wine from a wine list – taking individual taste preferences and price into consideration.

The brainchild of two friends – self-proclaimed ‘exuberant sommelier’ Julien Sahut and technical partner Josselin Guilbert – Wine Picker aims to relieve diners of the problems they face when attempting to navigate a wine list… nifty, right?

‘We saw the need for a convenient way to identify the perfect wine at a moment’s notice when ordering at a restaurant,’ Sahut said. ‘In my experience, only high-end restaurants provide an experienced sommelier who is available to help with wine selection.’

Using Wine Picker is simple enough, the user simply finds the restaurant on  the app and receives recommendations for the top five wine choices on the list that match their preferences. Criteria include food pairing, cost, and personal wine tasting notes. Other app features include an advanced wine cellar feature, wine details, and the ability to add friends to share the user’s favourite wine.

‘Personally, I had an issue with a director before because I was making my wine list for the customer,’ Sahut revealed. ‘Is that not the point, to make sure people spend as much as they can because this is the wine they like or are looking for? Too many sommeliers make their wine list for themselves and forgot that they need to make the wine list for the business.

‘Many restaurants struggle to make money because their beverage sales are too low,’ Sahut added. ‘Restaurants need to understand their customer needs, what they are looking for and how much they are willing to spend. They need to know, how much is customer a willing to spend on a Rioja? How much a customer will spend in a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for lunch or dinner, or on a Monday night rather than a Saturday night.’

Seeing as they’re both French, there’s no way it can go wrong…

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